coffee with soul

an indie coffee shop concept in the west midlands


Born in The Ironbridge Gorge at our initial location, The Green Wood Café, we’re bringing our signature coffee shop style, ethos and handcrafted drinks to our various locations in the West Midlands (and possibly beyond).

Photos by our Parent company, J GRant Catering


Who are we?

We are a family run business; Jody-Lea (the daughter), Jason (Dad) & Michelle (Mum). With individual backgrounds in hospitality, catering and service, we started out together in street food before moving on to opening our first coffee shop in 2016 - The Green Wood Café, Coalbrookdale. Some say Jason & Michelle are in it under duress but that’s up to interpretation… In 2019 as we were still happily plodding along together (we haven’t killed each other yet!) we made the decision to split our business to allow for expansion, and so Coffee With Soul & Gorge Grub (our in-house kitchen creatives) were born, both initially operating at The Green Wood Café, with new locations to come for either side of the business.

What we do

We have very particular standards, styles and beliefs, combining to make a unique concept that we will be bringing to our various premises. At each location we work either independently with our own fantastic managers or in collaboration with other businesses.


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Our locations


The Green wood cafe, coalbrookdale, ironbridge gorge

Our original location & the birthplace of our Coffee with Soul brand! Food is all prepared in-house by our sister company, Gorge Grub (ie kitchen wizards), it’s mostly veggie/vegan based as being accessible to as many people as possible. without making people feel ‘other’ for their dietary requirements, is priority. Expect eco, fresh & top quality.


More Locations coming soon…

We’re on the lookout for places to open up awesome new coffee shops! If you know anywhere, let us know! We’ll be bringing our signature style in a location-appropriate way, so any type of building is on the table.

Interested in a collaboration? We believe in the power of collabs’ and are always on the lookout for opportunities to join forces with like-minded souls, whether you’re an established business or a new kid on the block with a cracking idea - let’s talk!



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